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Below is a resource pack for parents on advice and help on exercises to maximise your child's tennis potential. We believe at Grafton that its important to practice as much as possible outside of lessons because of the level of difficulty tennis for younger age groups. This pack provides simple exercises that can be done in a small outdoor space or even at home!

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Matt H

Alex Kaminski has been coaching me on a weekly basis for 18 months and has been instrumental in helping me raise my game to an intermediate level. He is extremely results oriented during his lessons, always asking what I would like to improve on. Alex has encouraged me to leverage my natural serve volley game and I enjoy the nuances of these disciplines that he continues to develop with me

Suk-Lin Hou

Alex is an outstanding tennis coach and motivator of young players especially to my 6 and 9 year old boys. His commitment and dedication to teaching children in his sessions is really inspiring. He has made a huge positive impact of my sons teaching them the core values of commitment, hard work, discipline and teamwork.

Matt Drake

Head coach Alex is a superb tutor who actively wants you to improve your game. He will guide you through technical advancements while always driving you towards a higher standard of tennis. Trying to make you the best player you can be...eventually. One of the things I enjoy most about our sessions is the crystal clear explanations about how to control certain aspects of the game. These have remained with me ever since. When things are not going quite right on court I can return to these basic principles time and time again and make the necessary changes. The mark of a good teacher and, hopefully for me, a blueprint for consistency!

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